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Westend Terms and Conditions

–Westend Exclusive

Venue (Westend)

Deposit Payment: If required paid upon confirmation
Balance Payment: The balance of the Venue Hire Fee is to be paid by the Hirer at least 30 days prior to the Hire Period.

The Hirer shall pay a bond, the amount agreed to Westend for the Event or Events as a guarantee
against potential loss or damage where the event is an evening event

A refund of the Bond shall only be made to the Hirer if all obligations of the Hirer
under this Agreement are fulfilled, no extra cleaning is required
and no damage to the Venue or its contents is sustained following inspection by the Westend after the
Event, otherwise any applicable extra costs will be deducted from the Bond and any
additional amounts over and above the Bond will be invoiced to the Hirer.

Other Charges
Damage to the Venue or theft of any property from the Venue during the Hire Period. The Hirer shall be entitled to inspect the Venue prior to the Event to determine the existing condition of the Venue;
Excessive cleaning, rubbish removal, repairs or reinstatement of the Venue that
the Westend reasonably considers is necessary after the Event; costs, expenses or losses reasonably incurred by the Westend as a result of breach of these terms and conditions.

Access to the Venue
The Hirer must comply with all access procedures as notified by the Westend.

Use of the Venue
The Hirer will comply with all health and safety requirements specified for the use of the Venue , and the Hirer shall not obstruct or block off exits and emergency exits and will advise all Event attendees of the
required Venue evacuation procedure at the commencement of the Event.

Conduct at the Venue:
During the Hire Period the Hirer shall conduct and manage its use of the Venue in an orderly and lawful manner. The Hirer will ensure that none of the attendees will behave in an offensive, disorderly or intoxicated manner or in such manner as to cause danger or nuisance to the public or Westend Staff
or behave in a manner that is likely to damage the Venue or the reputation of Westend.
The Hirer acknowledges that the Westend and its employees and contractors may eject or refuse entry to the Venue to any person who fails to behave in accordance with this clause.

Care of Venue:
The Hirer during the Hire Period shall ensure that reasonable
care is taken in the use and occupation of the Venue so that, with the exception of fair wear and tear, the Venue will be in the same good order and condition at the end of the Hire Period as it was in at the commencement of the Hire Period. The Hirer shall not permanently mark, paint, drill or
otherwise deface the Venue or make any alterations to the structure, fittings, fixtures or furniture at the Venue.
The Hirer shall ensure that:
the Venue is left in a clean and tidy condition;
no equipment or apparatus of the Club not relevant to the Venue
Hire is used or disturbed;
all external furniture removed;

Prohibited Activities at the Venue:
During the Hire Period the Hirer must ensure that:
no firearms, explosives, flammable substances or other hazardous or
dangerous substances (fireworks or other pyrotechnics) heavy plant and machinery or other
equipment that may cause damage or injury to property or persons
are brought into the Venue or placed in the Venue carpark;

No one is to use or attempt to use the trampolines. The trampoline area is locked off and anyone found there will be REMOVED from the building

Smoking and Vaping
Smoking is only permitted in the beer garden on the asphalt area, vaping is allowed anywhere in the Beer Garden

Supervision of Minors:
The Hirer is responsible for the supervision of children under the age of 18 years at all times during the Event and Hire Period.

Temporary Structures:
The Hirer shall not construct or erect any rigging, scaffolding or other temporary structure or suspend any object or item from the ceiling or walls of the Venue without first obtaining the consent

Any decorations that the Hirer proposes to install at the Venue
shall first be approved by the Club. Any decorations that are approved shall
be removed by the Hirer at the end of the Hire Period to the satisfaction of

Removal of Equipment and Supplies:
The Hirer shall remove all equipment and supplies relating to the Event at the end of the Hire Period. Westend may dispose of any equipment and supplies not removed by the Hirer within
a reasonable time after the Hire Period has ended. Westend accepts no
responsibility for equipment or supplies left at the Venue.

Food and Alcohol
Westend is an On-licence and alcohol will not be supplied to anyone intoxicated or is a Minor (under 18)

There is no BYO alcohol, kegs, beer tankers etc permitted at the Venue.

Under the conditions of any licence issued, bar service and music must cease at
1am. All drinks including wine, beer, spirits and non-alcoholic drinks must be purchased through Westend who will operate the bar.
To comply with Liquor Licencing laws. The bar manager has sole
discretion on all matters pertaining to the organisation of the bar, including the
number of bar staff required for each function.

Westend has a small selection of food which is available at all time alcohol is served.
However the hirer is welcome to self cater, use the BBQ (if available) or bring in a food truck. This must be approved by management

The Hirer must at all times during the Event and the Hire Period keep noise to a reasonable level and ensure that any sound system, music, band or DJ complies with noise regulations

The Hirer shall not introduce any specific sound system, PA, microphone or speaker
system to the Venue without first obtaining the consent of the Westend.

Any complaints / actions taken in relation to a breach of noise regulations will
be the responsibility of the Hirer at the time of the complaint or action.

Where the Venue is hired for an Event to be held in the evening the Westend will arrange
for security guards to be hired

Hirer Cancellation:
If the Hirer cancels the Event:.
6 weeks or more prior to the Event date, then the Westend shall refund 50% of
the Deposit and the full Bond;
within 6weeks of the Event date , then the Westend will not provide a refund

Westend Cancellation:
Westend may cancel the Hirer’s booking by notice in writing if:
it considers that the staging of the Event or the nature of the Event will or
might contravene any statute, order, regulation or requirement or consent
of any local or public authority,
or where the Westend considers that the event
may breach reasonable standards of public decency; or
it considers that the management of the Event by the Hirer is deficient or
inadequate or that the behaviour of the guests or attendees at the Event
is such
that the Event might lead to danger or injury to any person or damage
to the Venue or reputational damage to the Westend and / or the Venue.

Cancellation :Force Majeure:
In the event that Westend is unable to perform its obligations with regard to the Venue Hire under the Agreement as a result of any fire, flood, earthquake, seismic or volcanic activity, state of emergency, act of God, war, Act of Parliament, regulation or direct of Government, strike, industrial action
or epidemic (including but not limited to COVID 19) (“Force Majeure Event”) which is
beyond the reasonable control of the Westend, then the obligations of Westend pursuant
to this Agreement and under these terms and conditions shall be suspended and the
Westend shall be relieved of its obligations during the period of a
Force Majeure Event.
The Westend and the Hirer shall use their best endeavours to reach agreement on
rescheduling or rebooking the Hire Period. If the Event cannot be rebooked as a
result of a Force Majeure Event then the Club shall retain 50% of the Deposit.
The balance Deposit and any Bond shall then be refunded to the Hirer.
Westend shall not be liable for any loss, claim, expenses liability or other default due
to a Force Majeure Event. For the avoidance of doubt a Force Majeure Event does
not include an event that could have been prevented by Westend exercising a
reasonable standard of care.

Westend may at any time terminate this Agreement by email notice to the Hirer,
with immediate effect, in the following situations:
a.the Hirer is in default of any of its obligations under this Agreement and
such default is not remedied within 5 days of
notification of such default by
the Club to the Hirer;

b.if the Hirer fails to pay any amount of money that is due and payable to the
Westend pursuant to this Agreement, on its due date for payment.

Such termination by the Westend will not remove any rights for Westend to recover the
Venue Hire Fee and any other actual costs incurred by Westend under this

The Hirer indemnifies Westend, its employees, officers, contractors and agents from
any against all claims, damages, penalties, liabilities, costs, fines, levies and expenses
(including reasonable legal fees incurred) of any nature which Westend may suffer or
incur as a result of the Hirer breaching its obligations under this Agreement or in
relation to any action taken by any person who is unhappy or dissatisfied with the
Event or in relation to the negligent or careless use of the Venue by the Hirer.

Parking is only on designated car park areas and there is no parking on the drive or neighbouring properties
Events with more than 200 people, a drop off area will be establish

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